Tarot is an ancient psychic system which aids in accessing the Spiritual Plane. Kate has studied, practiced, and taught Tarot for over 40 years, bringing her insights in using this system to assist her clients. Where Kate and Spirit are concerned, there are no "silly questions". If it matters to you, it matters to Kate. Ask, and she will do her best for you.

Tarot shows the possibilities and probabilities we confront as we walk the Path of Life. Tarot does not give us the answers. We must choose for ourselves, accepting the inevitable responsibility of our choice. Tarot can indicate how we are progressing in this life, can make more clear the Life Lessons we are learning, but Tarot will not do the learning for us.

Kate interfaces her Tarot readings with her clear dreams and Spiritual directives, with the effects of current retrogrades and eclipses, with the lore of eight Seasonal Celebrations, and with her unique "extended layout" of the cards. This gives the client a broader perspective, which promotes a better ability to choose between options.

Kate offers the public short Tarot consultations at local Metaphysical Fairs and at Ancient Mysteries, a metaphysical shop in South Austin. A complete listing of Kate’s public availability is found on the About page. In addition to participating in metaphysically oriented events, Kate offers a self-paced Tarot Basics class to the interested student.  Information about this three-part class is found on the Instruction page of this website.

Kate’s skills and talents in accessing Spirit and interpreting Spirit’s message for the individual are available by appointment whenever it is mutually convenient, whether at one of Kate's public events or on the telephone.  For telephone readings, the individual calls Kate.

Kate also accepts engagements for parties, celebrations, and other festive events at an hourly rate. The options for these events extend beyond Kate’s Tarot expertise, including Hand-Scans, Rune Castings, and the exploration of Generational Issues as indicated by the Outer Planets. For a more in-depth explanation of these options,  please ask Kate.

Kate was affiliated with the Central Texas Parapsychology Association and was a member in good standing when that organization voluntarily closed. She also writes commercially for several review websites all sorts of consumer products aimed at spirituality.

She is a minister in the Universal Life Church and has received a Master of Metaphysics certificate from the ULC. Kate earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas in Austin, graduating in 1969. She taught a Beginning Tarot class at the University of Texas at  Austin as part of the Informal Classes program for 10 years.  She has lived in Austin since 1964.

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